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Meet Prakriti Malla, Primary School Girl With The Most Beautiful Handwriting

Prakriti malla
Prakriti malla

According to a viral social media posts a class VII student who goes by the name Prakriti malla, has been said to have the best hand writing in the world, after her hand written note was shared on social media.

A Twitter user identified as Ahmed shared a tweet in which he revealed that Malla, who is a class 8 student that hails from Nepal, was given recognition for having the best handwriting in the world.

“The handwriting of Prakriti malla, the class VIII student from Nepal, has been recognized as the best ever handwriting in world.” he said

Some social media users reacted to the news by commending the young school girl, and even suggesting that her writing should be adopted as a font for typing.

No doubt i think she needs to hold my hands and teach me how to write properly my writting is fucked up hahah…. well im a medic so I guess ts allowed”

Others, however, held the opinion that even if Malla’s handwriting was truly good looking, it could not possibly be the best in the world.
It has soon become a subject of questionable debate whether Prakiti writing is truly the best in the world, with so many views as if it should be accorded such lofty accomplish as the best handwriting in the world.

Others agree that until other kinds of handwriting can be seen that supersede that of Prakriti, hers remains the best in the world as we speak now.
Writing especially in school like that of Prakriti where conventional type of writing is heavily in use, then good beautiful and fine writing is very useful and greeted with keen interest as it proves the student as not just one who knows and is learning what is been taught but that the student can communicate what he knows through well-written format.

Many kinds of writers have emerged from the humble beginning starting with acute writing skills and deep interest to pen their conviction, knowledge and viable insight on paper for further readings and to be accessible by others who desire to know what they had and what they already know.

In the same terrain, the writing of scholars, which they have penned down in generation passed thou they are far gone, their thoughts that they have poured pour out in those papers still remain with us till now.

Thou the world is now going completely digital but then the place of paper cannot be totally erased from man and at that good, beautiful and quality writing cannot be overemphasized.

So do you agree her writing is the best in the world? Drop your comments

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