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Photos & Details From The Polytechnic Ibadan PTA Meeting

The Polytechnic Ibadan PTA Meeting
The Polytechnic Ibadan PTA Meeting

The Polytechnic Ibadan Students has been on break since April 4th 2019 and was supposed to resume back April 6th but couldn’t do so because the management was fine tuning the logistics for their resumption.

The mid-semester break was due to crisis that occur during Queens cup at the institution which we reported HERE.

On April 27th The Management Released a memo pleading with parents and guardians that the resumption will happen soon which they claim was delayed by electricity fault and that its been handled. The Polytechnic Ibadan Students were shocked when they started receiving notification message about an arrange PTA meeting, This was funny as it’s unexpected for a higher institution to do this. The PTA Meeting was scheduled to hold today May 6th 2019.

Copy oof the PTA notification

The meeting commence exactly 3:10pm, at the Polytechnic Ibadan Assembly Hall. Both the parents and guardians of students are present, even though they came earlier than what the management expect. Some parent stay outside under the sun, while those who come early were able to get a sit inside the hall.

  1. Student Identity Card – The issue of ID card was the first issue they alarm, the management proceed that they are going to make available the student ID card a week after there resumption, while the parent stood against the assertion that they supposed to have provide the ID card, even before the resumption since majority of the students have paid there school Fee. They said ID will be strictly make use of, both in the entrance gate, exam halls, in the lecture rooms and all sensitive places. Some parent agree why some are still murmuring towards the management assertion on the issue of ID card, bcuz they supposed to have provide it, at least a month after the majority of the students have been cleared up. They said, supposedly the management provide the ID card, they would know the genuine student and the ghost.
  2. The Population of the students in the class and the high rate of the school fee – The parents raise these issue, saying, the amount of the tuition fee is too much, when the students are not running there Masters degree. The proceed saying that despite the fact their children are paying that huge amount of money, yet they don’t enjoy good learning environments. Some raise an alarm saying, how can 2,000 student in a room, where there is no ventilation. Some parent talk about the hostel and security of the students. The said the life of the students is not even secured in the hostel, talkless of their bad security personnel. The management said they are working on that, and how the population is gonna reduce.
  3. THE ISSUE OF DAMAGES, AND INSURANCE FEE – After the Registrar’s speech, the parent mention damages and insurance. Some parent said, what is insurance and what is damages. Here, the management are speechless, they sluggishly scape through out of it. They said well, the damages and the insurance is not the same as the names implies. So, after the Towning and gowning of both the Management and Parents, they conclude to 2,000 per student for damages Fee, some parents dispute that, while some agree.
  4. Resumption – The management also announce that students are to resume back to school Wednesday May 8,2019

Those of you, who pay for the hostel fee and you couldn’t secure one, they promise to refund your money immediately after resumption (8th May, 2019) is the conclude resumption date.

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