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The True Story Behind The Tan Suit Worn By Obama

The story behind Obama Tan Suit
The story behind Obama Tan Suit

Pete Souza Former White House Photographer has Narrate the back story to how Barack Obama Barack Obama wore a tan suit which caused a huge stir in the media when he was president.

According to Pete Souza, Obama told his staff “Don’t tell me what to wear” when they tried to discourage him from wearing the suit.
Wearing the tan suit to the Oval office saw the media and Republicans making a deal out of it, with some quarters even calling for his impeachment on social media.

Pete Souza narrates:

At 7:30AM, apparently while he was on the treadmill in the private residence, President Obama sent a message to Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest via his secure Blackberry warning him that he planned to wear a tan suit to the Oval Office that day.
Earnest replied five minutes later at 7:35AM: “Talked to {White House Press Secretary Jay} Carney and we both agree this will be a big mistake. You are scheduled to make an appearance in the briefing room. Please ask XXXXXXXX to prepare a gray suit instead.”
Obama replied instantly, also at 7:35AM: “Don’t tell me what to wear.”?
Despite the warning from Earnest and Carney, Obama did in fact wear the tan suit during his appearance in the White House briefing room, which created the biggest controversy of his administration.?
At approximately 4PM, Carney called an internal staff meeting with senior officials including Valerie Jarrett and Denis McDonough to discuss with the President how to handle the controversy. McDonough’s notes from that day include the words, “We’re screwed; this is the end of his presidency.”

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